Tech Support & Hosting

Currently Genesis and its affiliate GoHost, LLC offer a professional and secure hosting environment 24/7 with the exception of scheduled maintenance and upgrades for enterprise level systems.

Tech Support

Hours of Support
GOLD - Gold level support offers unlimited 24/7 phone and email support. Calls received after normal business hours are returned within two hours of the origin of the call.
SILVER - Silver level support offers unlimited 24/5-business day telephone and email support. Calls received after normal business hours are returned within two hours of the origin of the call.
BRONZE - Bronze level support is offered from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm Eastern Time on business days.

Levels of Support
TIER I - This level of support is focused all the way down to the end users of the applications where Genesis handles all levels of support.
TIER II - This level of support is provided to a Single Point of Contact from the customer. This Single Point of Contact acts as an intermediary between the end users and Genesis to weed out minor issues and triage what support is important.

Contact Support
Phone: 717-909-8500


Fully Redundant Infrastructure

Entire infrastructure is fully redundant, maintaining continuity with real-time fail-over capabilities ensuring your systems and applications perform at full capacity, without interruption.


24/7 video surveillance with DVR capacity throughout our entire facility. Secured multi-factor authentication utilizing swipe card and passcode verification.

Controlled Climate with Fire Suppression

Redundant HVAC system controls the temperature and humidity with threshold based, integrated alerts. Call-out capable fire suppression system immediately notifies vendor call center and reports relative conditions during an event.

Generator Provided UPS

Video monitored generator provides immediate backup power to systems in the event of a public utility failure. To ensure readiness, our natural gas generator also provides alarms for system events or failures, and is tested weekly.

Management Services Offered

Genesis and GoHost work in a turnkey capacity with the ability to host and manage your entire production and disaster recovery infrastructure. Our data centers provide 24/7 comprehensive application and server monitoring with fully redundant systems to provide the highest level of service possible. We also provide services such as Production/Disaster Recovery design and implementation, hardware/software diagnostics and root cause analysis, as well as CIO and CTO services.

Tech Support

The technical support offered as a part of the hosting is designed to keep the application available to end users with as minimal downtime as possible. All updates and upgrades are scheduled in advanced and performed on off-peak hours so as not to disrupt end users. As part of Genesis’ Support and Maintenance agreement, Genesis has technical staff members available to ensure the infrastructure of the system operates as designed on a 24/7/365 basis.

    Enterprise Entities Benefits:
  • “One-Call Does It All”—a single point of contact technical liaison for both application and technical issues
  • Constant communication helps to expedite resolution
  • Increased efficiency as a result of having network and application support supplied by one partner
  • Track issues through resolution utilizing the Genesis TRIMSSOFT product
  • Provide matrix and analysis of issues